My Mom is too Cute!

I came home from work today to find, on top of my bed, a little paper bag containing a St. Anthony praying card. My mom then explained that she went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral today and lit a candle in my name. Apparently she asked St. Anthony to please deliver a boyfriend for me, and then bought the card and left it on my bed. She says it’s to help the petition occur, but I’m guessing it’s also to get me to start praying for myself! ; )

I had to smile. Isn’t this the cutest thing a mom could ever do?

Here he is. I give you St. Anthony, the Saint of Miracles.


20 responses to “My Mom is too Cute!

  1. aww – love it! I hope he delivers the most miraculous boyfriend ever! 🙂

  2. That is pretty cool. Hopefully your mom’s efforts will pay off. (Now, if my mom would just get to work on petitioning for the divine intervention…).

  3. Be glad she isn’t a VooDoo priestess- you would have gotten a live chicken and a hatchet…. Just kiddin’!!!

  4. Demasiado cuchi!!!!!de verdad que tu mami es unica!!!:-)

  5. I recognize that you already know this, but your mom is amazing. I’m going to let her stay with me next time! 😉

  6. The Saint of Miracles?! Your mom is too funny.It won’t take a miracle. Just some patience and perseverance and the ability to weed through the bullsh*t. Ahh, the joys of dating in NYC!

  7. oh that is so hilarious and sweet! some divine intervention, eh?

  8. Funciona..San Antonio funciona..a mi me ha funcionado..luego te paso la oración..debes hacerla 9 martes seguidos…digo aunque no creas no pierdes nada….;)prendele una velita roja….

  9. Están como “Flora y Hortensia” 🙂

  10. emily – I hope so too ; )hadrian – gotta talk to her about that!buffalodickdy – Oh you have no idea how glad I am she’s not!anarella – si verdad? Es tan linda mi Maqui!joe – she is great! I’ll let her know ; )s* – weed we must constantly here, in the meantime miracles would be good!pinknest – I think I need major divine intervention!pillo – ay mandame esa oracion, por fis. La velita ya esta prendida ; )javier osorio – si verdad? ; )

  11. my moms says she prays I find someone all time.

  12. awwww…I love your momma! She sounds awesome.

  13. twin – hopefully it will happen soon!stephanie – I love her too : )

  14. mommies are the best! that sounds like something my mom would do too.

  15. rebecca – they are, aren’t they?

  16. y ponlo de cabeza!! se cansa y se apura jeje

  17. lau – que comica! : )

  18. You know I could always offer Big!!!! Seriously you will find someone and your mother is amazing.

  19. Did you turn him upside-down? Remember the song: “Tengo a San Antonio puesto de cabeza, si no me da novia (en tu caso noviO) nadie lo endereza”

  20. ssc – yep, soon enough I’ll find someone great, and yes, my mom is quite amazing.not so little woman – not yet! Actually I haven’t been paying much attention to San Antonio or the boyfriend front lately, life has gotten a little busy these days as well as crowded, but soon enough I’ll get back to that matter.

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