An ode to my mom

My mom is visiting from Caracas and has been staying with me this past week and a half. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming to have someone with you 24/7 in your one bedroom apartment, but you would have to know my mom to understand how mild this really is. My mom is not only a psychologist, university professor, and very respectable and responsible professional woman, but she’s also been an awesome wife to her high school sweetheart for almost 40 years, and a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and mother, to all of us who have had the pleasure of knowing her. She’s not only the best mom I could have hoped for, she’s one of my best friends, confidants, therapist, and buddy. I am truly thankful for the mom I have, she couldn’t have been any better, and I most certainly would not be half the person I am if it weren’t for her. Thank you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Days!

12 responses to “An ode to my mom

  1. A very nice tribute to what sounds like Supermom!

  2. Hija, gracias por tales comentarios, me abruman, seran merecidos??? O sera reflejo de lo los “ojos” internos que tienes para ver a la gente que quieres. Tu, y toda mi gente especial y tan querida, son responsables de quien soy y en todo caso la vida especial que me ha tocado vivir y me ha dado tantas oportinidades….

  3. aww. your mom sounds like an awesome lady. hope you have a fun day today!

  4. aw, that is the sweetest!

  5. A great mom is something everyone should have!

  6. aw, how sweet! a happy mother’s day to her!

  7. Felícidades a las 2 por ser las mujeres que son…

  8. She sounds like an amazing woman. I’m not surprised by that.

  9. She sounds like a fantastic woman.

  10. What a sweet daughter you are to acknowledge that!!

  11. Wow. that’s crazy, I just wrote a blog about my daddy! It’s nice to see/hear of such wonderful parents! 🙂

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