Another packed weekend

This past weekend was also a great one, especially because of the weather. It’s incredible the things we can do once the sun starts shining again and it gets a little warmer.

On Saturday morning my mom and I went for a walk along the side the East River. We couldn’t have asked for a better view, setting, and over all atmosphere. It was so nice actually, we finished our walk, went to a near by diner, got some breakfast and went back to eat it on a bench with the incredible view. People were sun bathing, jogging, taking their dogs for walks, or just hanging out and soaking in the positive vibes. It was perfect and my mom was so enraptured by the beauty of it all that she said “wow, I think I even like NY now. Why hadn’t you brought me here before?”

We called my sister to see what they were up to and arranged to meet at Central Park for a picnic, of course everyone and their mother was there, but we couldn’t miss out. We took some water, fruit, bread, spreads, blankets and balls, and had a great time. Here are some pictures to prove it.

On Sunday we went shoe shopping, always fun, and bumped into a street fair in the UWS near my sister’s. We ate meat on a stick and crepes with strawberries and dulce de leche! I got a new plant for my home (hopefully it won’t die in a week like the other ones), and my mom bought pashminas, necklaces, and bracelets to take back home to her work team.

Over all it was a great weekend, hopefully next one will offer more great opportunities to explore and be outside!


13 responses to “Another packed weekend

  1. Que bonita tu familia Jen…tu eres la que está abrazando al chico? es que casi nunca pones fotos tuyas….solo por chismear…

  2. I absolutely love NY!!! When I visited Big we toured the city it was amazing. If I could I would move there in a New York minute!!! Glad to hear you had a fabulous outing.

  3. pillo – gracias! Si, yo soy la que salgo abrazada a Nick (mi sobri) y luego esta mi cu#ado Cas con mi sobrina Sophie, y luego mi hermana Liz y mi mama Coco. ssc – You should! It’s a great city, there’s definitely no place like NYC.

  4. aw, what lovely pictures! everyone’s so purdy. perfect park weather.

  5. Looked like a great day and a great place to spend it!

  6. Wow that sounds like a great day! The pics are great you have a beautiful family.Is that you with your mom in the last picture?

  7. WOW Kunkin, que fotos taaaaan lindas, y que grandes estan los ninitos….de verdad que tu mami escogio la mejor epoca para ir!!!!Disfruten mucho!!!!!Besitos…

  8. New York rocks! Doesn’t it? My mom said the same thing when she visited two years ago…

  9. pinknest – thank you! It was perfect weather!!!buffalodickdy – It was perfect!weekends off – Thank you : ) I’m the one in the first picture, with my nephew Nick. The other picture is my sister Liz and my mom. anarella – la pasamos super rico y si, la verdad es que esta es la mejor epoca para estar aqui!mond – it totally does!

  10. Jen: donde andas chica?..que ya no posteas???

  11. Tu blog es una divertida mezcla entre una telenovela y un reality show. Debo confesar que es un guilty pleasure :-). Pasa por mi blog (, al igual que tu blog, es una bitacora de vida de un un compatriota tratando de encontrarse en Chicago. Saludos.

  12. That sounds lovely, you got to love sunny weekends. It’s now a bit sucky in england – we’ve had rain and wind, typical of spring/summer. It’s been beautiful up until now though.I think I may be travelling with the boy to the US next year, that’s if all things go to plan! xx Take Care and let me know what you think of my site!

  13. pillo – aqui estoy! Lo que pasa es que mi mama se esta quedando conmigo este mes y entre la univ., el trabajop y turistear, estoy full! Pero tranquila que seguire posteando.javier – que comico! No sabes lo que me rei, pero la verdad es! Esto es una mezcla entre una telenovela y un reality show, pero que te puede decir? Asi es mi vida! Ya me meti en tu blog y te deje un mensajito.sarjent – yep, it has been very nice in NY, although these past two days it was raining, muggy, and very humid… a glimpse of summer, yuck! I checked out your site, still haven’t registered though. Will do soon.

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