My latest accomplishment

I started this scarf project Thursday afternoon and finished it Friday night. It’s the fasted scarf I’ve ever knitted, I guess this was an easy, straight forward shot to the end, but it looks good on me and it feels great, very soft. I wore it last night to go out and it did it’s job perfectly. It kept me warm and looking nice all night long!


8 responses to “My latest accomplishment

  1. Your scarf is amazing! But – if it ever does get warm here you need to knit a bathing suit – now THAT would be cool too!See you tomorrow for some good food an fun!

  2. Oh…Very good!I admire you for this!Good color choice…

  3. dash – Thank you! A bathing suit would truly be a challenge, I’ll think about that one.I’m looking forward to it! I ordered the cake already!clau – Thanks! It’s very easy, really, and relaxing. You should try it sometime.

  4. *applause!* i wish i knew how to knit, because i LOVE scarves!

  5. Oh… I love the color!

  6. pinknest – It is very easy, you should try it.alissa – thank you, I like it too, it goes great with dark brown.

  7. Noooo!!!!! sabes tejer!!!!! que envidia….que bien te quedó..yo no hubiera llegado ni a 3 puntos…

  8. pillo – si, tejer es una nota! Deberias probarlo, es facilisimo!

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