I made it!

Lent is over today and I have made it (some days barely) without sweets and sugar (except for fruit and my morning cereal) for 40 days!!!!
I have to say this was way harder than last year’s only giving up chocolate. This year was chocolate plus everything else: ice cream, cake, cup-cakes, brownies, cookies, candy, and tons of other things I use to eat and now I have already forgotten about. But Tuesday afternoon, after work I am planing to go to MAKE MY CAKE 103 Central Park North, 212-932-0833 for a slice of rich red velvet cake with cream cheese icing! Oh, I can almost taste it!

Ok, I have NOT made it. I still have one more week of Lent to go… I guess that slice of cake will just have to wait until after Easter… : ( Was this an April Fool’s Day prank? Not funny!


17 responses to “I made it!

  1. Es hoy que se acaba???? Yo tenia entendido q cuaresma se acaba el domingo de pascua! Son 40 dias despues del miercoles de ceniza sin contar los domingos(q son pascuales y no penitenciales)….:(Avisame si es hoy q aqui estoy sonando con mi cafecito!besos…

  2. Como que si tienes razon! Al parecer se acaba o el Jueves Santo o el Sabado en la vispera del Domingo de Pascua… : (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LentSo… we still have one more week to go!

  3. Ayyyyy!Ya yo me habia ilusionado!!Pero si, lo busque en aciprensa y tambien dice que es hasta el proximo sabado…. buujujujujujujujuPero bueh! 1 semana es menos que 40 dias no????;)

  4. ha ha i was about to congratulate you and was shocked that you had gone for so long without these delights. but i see. another week. mwa ha ha.

  5. You’d think I would’ve known this was an April Fool’s joke since I was raised Catholic, but alas …

  6. Enjoy your Easter feast! I’m sure it will taste better for all that sacrifice you made!

  7. WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!Make My Cake is no longer on Central Park North!!!!!They moved to 116th & Adam Powell (7th Av).

  8. Wow you have some willpower! I tried to give up diet coke once, I made it about an hour. The swearing and cussing started…and they made me drink it or else!

  9. Mi perrito es enfermo.Sorry, everyone else seemed to be speaking Spanish, and that’s the first thing that lept to mind.Good think I read this whole post before diving into the chocolate basket! To think, I trusted you once… 😉

  10. Jen: La Cuaresma acaba el Viernes Santo que es este viernes, se supone que acaba con la muerte de Cristo y el Sabado de Gloria empieza La Pascua…anyway..que bueno q ya casi se acaba..3 días más y ya…..se me antojó muchisimo ese pastel…Un besote

  11. En México decimos “inocente palomita que ta has dejado engañar, sabiendo que en este día nada se debe prestar/creer”… el “Día de los Inocentes” es el 28 de diciembre, pero bueno… se que lo vas a lograr.

  12. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing… Wow que delicia!My favorite flavor cake!Hoy me tope con un judio que me contaba que anoche se acababa para ellos… Pero bahh!No soy la mejor en estos terminos…La semana santa tradicional creo se acaba este domingo 8.Suerte a todos los practicantes! y…Felices Pascuas!

  13. anarella – si, bueno, si lo vemos asi, que es una semana mas? Pero estoy que me saboreo pensando en la torta!pinknest – yep, another week… : (malnultured snay – hang in there… one more week!buffalodickdy – that’s what I’m counting on!sebastian – thanks! Is it really on 7th Ave? In the NY Times article it says St. Nicholas Ave and 116th …?http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/14/dining/14velv.html?pagewanted=2&ei=5088&en=20b2592ff80258c1&ex=1329109200&partner=rssnyt&emc=rssweekends off – that sounds like me during the first week. It does take a lot of effort, but it is totally worth it!joe – : ) Why so funny? : )pillo – al parecer hay varias versiones en cuanto a cuando se acaba la cuaresma, yo la pienso seguir hasta el sabado, asi que el domingo “torta, here I come!”.mond – gracias por creer en mi! ; )

  14. clau – gracias por lo buenos augurios, ojala tu pascua sea feliz tambien. Ya les contare como me fue con la torta!

  15. Joe: that sentence is a very intelectual one hahahahaha..and you might want to use está since es is for something that is permanent and hopefully your dog will be healthy again some day…hahahahahahaJen: have a big slice of cake for me…

  16. pillo – isn’t Joe hilarious?I will, don’t you worry!

  17. Technically, yes, it’s on St. Nicks… both avenues cross on 116th street, and “Make My Cake” is on the north-west corner. Either Adam Powell or St Nick will get you there 🙂

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