A packed weekend!

This weekend was GREAT! So many things going on and I want to share all of them, so bear with me because this post will be long!

First of all my dad was in town from a business trip, and on his way back to Caracas he stopped by NY for a few days (the convenience of living in a place all planes seem to stop at, you get lots of visits!). He stayed at my sister’s because of course grandkids beat younger daughters any day of the week, but that was ok, I still got to see him a lot. We had lunch on Saturday at La Nacional, and enjoyed the kind service and great tapas. Then we were off to Union Sq, Wall St, and Times Sq, all places he had been to before, but in all of then there was some errand to run or a visit to be made, so we enjoyed our touristy roam through the city. On Sunday we met for brunch in my neck of the woods, at Yura, and had the most incredible French Toast ever! Highly recommend it!

Later we came over to my apartment and my LOVELY brother-in-law (who totally rocks!) helped me put up my new sconces!!! It was more me helping him, but the point is they are in use now, and as you can see the “modern” ones won!

On Friday night I went out with a very sweet, good looking, and funny guy. We had a great time at Cilantro, with delicious food and incredibly good Margaritas! The date was so good actually I saw him again Saturday night, we went for sushi and to see Reign Over Me (excellent acting, funny at times, a little slow, but over all a good movie to go see). This guy, J, is really great, I’ll let you guys in the know, if/when things develop.

On another family note, my nephew Nick designed his first blog! His teacher has mentioned he needs to work on his writing for school (he’s in 3rd grade) and I thought what better way to do so than through a blog? So please check it out so that his writing is encouraged.


7 responses to “A packed weekend!

  1. i wish i had a handy sconce hooker upper. lol! and how cute for the 3rd grade blog.

  2. yupiiiii!si asi llueve q no escampe!!!! 😉

  3. Look at you turing into a “when one door closes another opens” kind of woman. Good luck with J. Sounds like it’s off to a great start.Love the sconces. Good choice.

  4. oooh, good luck w/J, sounds promising! “the boy”‘s a J too, good letter 🙂

  5. ¡Qué lindo fin de semana! Espero que Nick se inspire y siga los pasos de su tía.

  6. Boy, when you get over somebody- it doesn’t take long!

  7. pinknest – my b-in-law is the best! And my Nick, the most handsome and sweet boy there is!anarella – a llover se ha dicho! ; )joe – I love to be that kind of woman! Thank you, as you see you’re vote was taken into account : )bex – thank you! Yep J seems to be a pretty good letter so far.mond – ojala! La maestra dice que tiene que escribir mas y mejor, ojala esto ayude.buffalodickdy – you know, it actually takes me for ever to end a relationship, because I keep on thinking that if I wait a bit more or I try a little harder, things will get better. Also giving up is really not my thing. But once my mind is made and I’ve made my decision, there is no looking back.

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