The year of the baby!

5 of my best college friends are pregnant!
Anna, in Maracay, is due in May.
Mariela, in Houston, is due in June.
Katy, in Caracas, is due in July.
Trina, also in Caracas, is due in August.
And my friend Ani, in Canada, who just called me
with the pee-stick still in her hand, is due in November!

Also my friend Thomas’ wife, in Vienna, is due sometime this month.
Do you think maybe there was something in the water?


9 responses to “The year of the baby!

  1. Too far apart for it to be the water-must be the the good old fashioned urge to merge!

  2. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!Ani

  3. Erm…I don’t it was the water, Jen. If it helps, I have a book that explains some of this.Also, try as I might, I can’t get that to add up to ’33’, so I think you’re safe.

  4. buffalodickdy – yep, I think you’re right!ani – congratulations again!! No sabes lo emocionada que estoy, anoche so#e contigo y todo!joe – thanks! For the book and checking the “33” thing for me.

  5. Hey it’s been a while, glad you’re feeling better and the babies are cheering you up….

  6. Of course, I meant to say:”I don’t think it’s the water Jen. Babies don’t come from there.”Stupid mercury backward thing making me not proofread my comments…

  7. you can submit your blog to the Blogger-blogs-by-topic directory at just follow the instructions on top of the page there.

  8. Damn….If it was, why didnt I have some of that water! Pregnant chicks all over the place! I wanna be a mommy too!!

  9. what?! babies don’t come from water? anyway, i have a lot of frirends that are about to or just gave birth. i think it was something in their tummies.

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