Wow today is beautiful! Have you been out yet? It’s so nice I can’t make up my mind on what to. I went out to run some errands and came back home to eat, but I’m certainly going out again. I feel so much better. I still hate my job, my computer is still acting up and the windows will still be changed (although that won’t happen until May), but all is good. The black cloud is gone! People are smiling in the streets and so am I. I figured if I’m nice and smile a lot I’ll feel better. And it worked, people are smiling back! Sometimes you just have to vent to get things out your system and magically they won’t be as miserable any more. Thanks all for the understanding and support, you guys rock!

P.S. Yesterday was my niece’s second birthday (a real cutie) and she had an incredible cake: frosting, decorative flowers, dulce de leche filling, the works! I didn’t cave, hooray! 11 days down, 29 to go.


5 responses to “Sunny

  1. Beauty, beauty, beauty….!I Love full sunshine days!!OYE.. Jen, muy lindo de tu parte agregarme a tu lista de Blogs!So nice!Thanks!Clau.

  2. Glad to see your mood is brightened. Seeing a happy little kid on her birthday probably helped!

  3. Felicidades a tí y a tu sobri.

  4. clau – I love those days as well! De nada, me entere en el cumple de mi sobri que eres prima de Meibell, que casualidad! Sebas y yo estudiamos juntos en el colegio desde chiquitos y siempre nos vemos aqui en NYC.buffalodickdy – Thanks! It did help, she’s such a beautiful kid. She always brightens up my days. mond – gracias Ing!

  5. cheers to feeling good! and to that awesome sounding cake. omg, dulce de leche?!?! kill me now.

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