Armando Reverón

On Friday I went to the MoMA with a friend of mine and we saw the Reverón exhibit. It was put together very nicely, his work was organized both by periods and the topics he was portraying at the time. His best known paintings were there and some of his less known work as well. The rag dolls he used as models and some artifacts made by him were also part of the show. It was reminiscence for me to see his work and read about his life, a disturbed man fighting with schizophrenia while making very interesting art. If you have a chance to go you should, the subtleness and care freeness of his pieces makes good for food for thought.

Also there is an exhibit on the design and construction of a MoMA in Beijing, which is worth checking out as well. Very creative and since it’s all gathered in one room, you get the feeling you’re actually there being part of the project.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when you go.


5 responses to “Armando Reverón

  1. thanks for the heads up! haven’t been over to the moma in awhile so hopefully i’ll make it there this week.

  2. What neat cultural opportunities you get in a larger metro area!

  3. I’m waiting for pinknest and Matt to go so that I can follow them around and eavesdrop for dining tips.

  4. Me encanta que escribas de NYC siempre me gusta ver fotos, el MOMA es la onda….q envidia…sigue escribiendo!!Un abrazo

  5. pinknest – you’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll love it!buffalodickdy – NYC is the place to be for culture and art!joe – pass on the tips please!pillo – que chevere que a traves del blog puedo compartir mis vivencias new yorkinas contigo. A ver cuando te pasas por aca!

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