Beaver or Man?

The animal is several feet long, two or three years old, and appeared to be a male in search of a mate (does this sound familiar to anyone?).

“We’re probably going to see more of them in the future.” Said the biologist (I surely hope so!).


9 responses to “Beaver or Man?

  1. Sounds like Nutrinas. A muskrat looking creature from South American import into the South USA with hopes of weed control. Breeds well,and has displaced some local critters.

  2. I know “nutrias”, or “perros de agua”, as we familiarly call them in Venezuela, but apparently this one was a beaver, proven by biologist. They seem to have come back to NY once again.

  3. Sorry on the misspell! Beavers aren’t that uncommon in Michigan, and would have thought upstate New York to still have a good population of them. I belong to a hunting club(11 members!) w/160 acres of land and a nice log lodge. When we bought the land, we had beaver and a nice pond. Then the jackasses who are my pardners in this informed us beavers were bad to have, and trapped them off. Now we have a swamp that is good for nothing on our land where before a cool little pond existed.

  4. Wow… You are right.. the size let you think about..and I have to mention that the pic is so cool too!clau.

  5. and they BOTH cause a lot of trouble. 🙂

  6. I read about this a while back. Hopefully we will see more of them.Erm…beavers, I mean. Not males in search of a mate.

  7. buffalo – that’s so sad, couldn’t you guys adopt a new one?clau – thanks, I also thought it was kind of cool. pinknest – oh yes they do, especially the latter ones!joe – : )

  8. q lindura de castor…ya se ve menos frio el clima…donde la tomaste?

  9. pillo – es una belleza verdad? La verdad es que no la tome yo, mas bien la tome prestada del New York Times. Esta mejorando el frio, pero seguimos con nieve a ratos, ha sido muy raro este invierno.

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