I know I haven’t done the greatest job lately of coming up with interesting, thoughtful things to post, but I guess I’ve been too busy thinking and trying to sort things out, and I’m actually still in the midst of clearing the path to be able to write about it. I sometimes think I think too much, which is obviously an indicator of the truthfulness of that statement. When metacognition kicks in and you start thinking about thinking, you know you either: 1. have too much time in your hands, or 2. are seriously in danger of becoming an obsessive compulsive person, and in my case I think it’s a little bit of both.

I’m kind of stuck in my dissertation work. What I want to do seems like a bigger task than the one I actually have time for (I eventually need to finish this so I can get on with my professional life), so I’m trying really hard to narrow it down and figure out what particular aspect of it would be of interest, both to me and the field of children’s spirituality. My sponsor has not turned out to be the greatest help and I’m having second thoughts about having asked her to work with me. I’m feeling a bit on my own on this one, and I know that’s not how it should be, or is it? Argh! I’m not only confused, but I’m losing my patience here, help! I need enlightenment!


8 responses to “Stuck

  1. Ayyyy kunkin!!! No pienses tanto entonces…. keep it simple!!!!Demaisado bella y sabia la foto!!!A lo mejor si dejas desvansar la mente un tantito, viene esa alma caritativa y te ayuda a salir del apreton 😉

  2. Kunkin, Dios te oiga!! Aunque ya adelante algo hoy, escribi el prefacio y eso me esta ayudando a salir de atascamiento : )

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Jen. I’ve been kind of in the same position myself…having trouble finding interesting thoughtful things to say on my blog. That usually means I’m just too busy living my life to be introspective. It usually works itself out, though.

  4. Have you visited my blog lately? Kind of stuck too… maybe later or tomorrow. I understand, it happens.

  5. Los Sponsor siempre son así, date de santos que no te pela al menos no te regresa todo sin llerlo siquiera, hey chica me encantó la foto del perro, BTW ya puse tu blog en mis favoritos, te estaré escribiendo seguido.UN besoPilloPS vi lo del MOMA y no sabes que ganas me dieron de ir a NYC.

  6. You are not making me miss grad school at all. Of course, law school has its own set of stressful hoops to jump through. But still….

  7. ah, mujer – I know from where I am it’s only going to get worse! Good luck. I know you’ll figure it out.

  8. Metacognition? It appears that I suffer from the opposite. I suppose I could call it Lackacognition. The inability to think or to think about thinking. Just remember: It’s always darkest before the dawn. No. Wait. Every cloud has a silver lining. No. Wait. A stitch in time saves 9. Sorry, I’m no good at this so I’ll just say that you’re one of the more intelligent people I know, and there’s no doubt that you’ll get through this difficult time – and that your dissertation will be thorough, well-reasoned, insightful and amazing. For what it’s worth, I have complete faith in you.

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