New Sconces

I am getting sconces for my living room wall and can’t seem to make up my mind between these two, so I decided I would take a poll. Which ones do you think would look nicer?

The classic look:

Or the modern one:


7 responses to “New Sconces

  1. A mi me gusta la clasica :-)besitosAni

  2. Far me it from me to disagree with Ani, but I prefer the look of the modern one. That said, based on the look of the apartment in the pictures below, the classic ones probably fit the decor better.I guess I should just trust Ani’s judgment from now on.

  3. I like the modern one too, but that’s without knowing what your apartment looks like….Even though my apartment is old (1900’s) and the modern ones would still look good with my decor in there.Hope that helps :0)

  4. I think both match your apartment. You have the wooden table and bar but your TV table is more modern… I like the classic one too.

  5. Go for the Modern – which is actually a rather classic design. That classic, faux WASP look is so over.-meg not one of your 33 – but has her opinions nonetheless.

  6. Thank you all for participating and sharing your opinions, I’ll be ordering the sconces soon and will let you in on the final decision. Thanks again!

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