Staying Warm

It is freezing in NY and although I have managed to survive the past two winters with the gear I had, I decided it was time to give into the puff coat and warm up once and for all. I went shopping to 34th St. with my sister yesterday, and we found a great sale of winter clothes. Apparently stores think Spring and Summer are around the corner and they are trying to get rid of anything heavy or bulky, and taking out bikinis and mini skirts regardless of the fact that it’s in the teens out there. Craziness! Anyhow, I bought a puff coat and wore it outside today for the first time. I was so toasty I could have been wearing a bikini underneath it and still have been warm. The “bear” as I like to call it is just perfect for this weather, it really makes me wonder why I hadn’t gotten it sooner. If you are cold, please do yourself a favor and go out and get one of these, you will thank me for it!


2 responses to “Staying Warm

  1. I’ll give you $10 if you go out and test that bikini theory today. I’m just upset that you didn’t invite me shopping in preparation for today’s arctic blast… 😉

  2. i love the puff coat! it is so amazingly warm. except mine has a hood on it that doesn’t ever stay on my head. boo.

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