Leibovitz and Mueck

We woke up very early for a Saturday, to go see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Leibovitz’s photos were amazing, especially the ones portraying her family. There’s something about personal photos that let you peak into a person’s life that seems much more appealing to me than the ones of movie stars or famous people we usually see everywhere anyway.

The surprise of the visit was that we got to see Ron Mueck’s sculptures as well. They are INCREDIBLE, really I had never seen anything like it. I highly recommend it! You have to get out of bed though, and hurry, it will be showing until the 4th of February.


6 responses to “Leibovitz and Mueck

  1. i really want to go see this, too!! one of my friends was raving about it the other day.

  2. How funny is that? Like you, I went to see Leibovitz and came away more impressed with the sculptures. Obviously, that’s not intended as a slight towards Leibovitz, it’s just that I’ve come to expect excellence from her (and am rarely disappointed) but I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by anything else.

  3. It was truly amazing and well worth the trip to Brooklyn. I’m determined to see more art this year, there’s so many good things out there, I just have to organize myself and make time for it.

  4. I saw those but my FAVORITE was the huge watercolors of the animals. Did you see those? GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. I did see the watercolors, and yeah, they were pretty amazing too. I guess I just couldn’t get over the reality of the sculptures, it seem as though they were breathing!

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