Christmas is here!

I decided to let go of the defeat depression and move on, Christmas happens only once a year and last year I was in the midst of a break-up and thus didn’t quite enjoy it as I would have wanted to, so this year I’m not letting any $#@! guy take the pleasure of my favorite holiday from me!
That said, I invited my sister and her kids over for a little Christmas celebration, which included decorating, making ginger bread men and eating! We had a fun time, take a look.

These were my guests

And I fed them

We made ginger cookies, that grew more than double their size! (that seems to be a trend in NYC, everyone puts on 10 lbs or more here)

But we ate them anyway

And the decorations were up! Liz made this, nice, huh?


8 responses to “Christmas is here!

  1. Disfruta cada instante, la navidad es más que unas lindas vacaciones.

  2. Gracias Ing! Tu tambien, a disfrutar se ha dicho!

  3. Que bonito!L.A. está lleno de luces pero imagino que N.Y. debe ser mucho más hermoso en estas fechas.

  4. awww that’s cute, those cookies, lol. I think christmas is made so much better if you have kids around to share the wonder with….after not enjoying christmas for years, I am hosting it at mine this year and am really enjoying organising stuff, buying decorations, getting all that food in, etc. It seems to give it a meaning again (after too many around my mums where just sat around miserable while she cooked!!)How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Venezualan??!

  5. your fam is beautiful!

  6. aw, so cute!! i love the giant gingerbread.

  7. I’m gaining weight just looking at those cookies.

  8. Que buena idea de invitar a tus sobrinitos a comer y decorar la galletas :)mc

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