Last weekend I went to Umbanda for a consultation. I hadn’t been there in ages and frankly didn’t really want to go, but since my sister insisted and my cousin Cory really wanted to go and didn’t have any other ride, I went. While observing the ritual of the descending spirits and the spinning mediums, I thought to myself “watch carefully because this is the last time your coming to this place”. When they called us in for consultation I was assigned to the Mae Maria of the line of Omulo, or the souls. She used to be an African slave so she said her hair was very curly and was cut very short, and while she was eating a piece of ham she said she didn’t have any teeth so she had to swallow whole.

She told me that I was a difficult person, that I seemed kind and sweet, but if things didn’t happen my way they just didn’t happen at all. That I had to change, learn to be more humble, which I agree with 100%. She also said she couldn’t tell me my life mission, that I wanted to run before I could crawl and that it would be revealed to me in time. I would have to grow to be very old to understand what I came to this life to do. I was disappointed, I wanted at least some kind of guidance and reassurance that I was on the right track, or perhaps an orientation to where I should be focusing my energy. She was very vague, she said just help people, help as much as you can, it will be returned to you by the divine grace. Whatever good or bad we do comes back to us.

She also said something that I found very interesting: God does not give us anything we don’t truly want, he can’t send us that which we are going to reject. I know what your thinking, what about people that get cancer? What about those who seem cursed with misery, poverty, and disaster, do they really want that? But I’m guessing she said it pertaining to a specific question I asked about having children. She says deep down I don’t want any because they imply sacrifices that I’m not ready to make. Which I think is right on target. So, it got me thinking what is it that I really want? Do I really want a family and kids and am I willing to do everything it takes for it? Or is that just what I believe I want while deep down I’m so comfortable with my single, on-my-own-terms life that I’m sabotaging that outcome?
What I have come to realize these days of pondering, is that I don’t want to be alone any more. I want (truly want) to find a man (you have to specific about gender these days) to fall in love with and share my life, whatever it might bring. This, I want, I know I do, and I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices for it. Children? I’m not that sure yet, we’ll see, lets start with requirement number one and move on from there, OK?


7 responses to “UMBANDA

  1. En esta vida se te va dando lo que vas necesitando, no tanto lo que quieres o no quieres. Dios provee de acuerdo a tus necesidades, aunque no las comprendas del todo en el momento en el que se te dan las cosas. Qué interesante post! Se me antojó ir, lástima que ya no quieres ir otra vez.

  2. Sí, yo opino lo mismo. A cada quien le toca lo que le corresponde y no tanto lo que quiere, porque a veces deseamos cosas que no necesariamente “podemos” tener o no nos “convienen”. Bueno, si quieres ir algún día te acompaño, pero creo que yo ya no me consulto más.

  3. Interesante visita. Creo que lo que te dijo, aunque tal vez no se necesite una consulta espiritual, tiene sentido. Dar siempre regresa y de las formas menos imaginadas.

  4. Hrmm… well On the topic of psychics I am not sure where I stand. I do not doubt but im not a firm believer either. I have seen many and some inspire me and some are so unbelievable. Though I must say that nearly all have said I have a dark *something* in my persona. What this darkness is I am not sure. Im certainly not an evil man and I treat everyone with respect but perhaps on a spirtiual level something is wrong. I believe in God and speak daily to Him, but perhaps there is something within my own soul waging war. Who knows. On the plus side they all seem to think I will be VERY wealthy in my later years, though this is usually stated right before the “it will be 300.00 to get rid of this evil” statement. Finding your Lifes path I cannot help you with as I still do not know my own. Nor do I have any clue how to figure it out. I suppose one day i will be walking along and my purpose in life will come out and smack me in the face lol one day I guess i will see. I also want children but I also have those things in life that I know I will have to give up in order to have children. I know that once I do have children though, that I will be so dedicated to them and my wife (whomever that may be) that I will likely not care that i have given up what I concider now to be fun.

    • I don’t remember reading this back in 2006, I’m thinking I might not have read it since I didn’t respond (I usually do respond, unless it’s an online dating site, then I tend to just delete). I don’t know what kind of darkness they were referring to. If it was some kind of spell they saw someone had placed on you, they might have just been wanting to con you, it happens a lot. But if it was concerning your personality, I am firm believer everyone has a dark side, and when push comes to shove, it can/does come out. Hopefully people will be distracted with all that money you will have and not notice the dark part too much 😉

  5. Hi – I tried to respond to your e-mail but it was returned. I’d like to quote the passage from “Last weekend…” to “…comes back to us.” as an example of the kind of answers given in an Umbanda consulto in a book called SEEING FOR THE PEOPLE that I am writing about oracular practice. It will be published by Weiser Books in 2012.

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