Good deeds

Yesterday on my way to the bus stop, minding my own business, plugged in to my ipod, and walking fast because I was late as usual, I suddenly notice an old lady at the corner saying something to me. I looked at her, she repeated it, I couldn’t hear so I took an ear piece off and she said “Help me cross the street!” I said “what?”, she repeated “Help me cross the street!” She had this annoyed look in her face, nothing seemed to be wrong with her, I didn’t understand why she was DEMANDING that I help her cross the street in the opposite direction in which I was going. I looked at her, looked at the light and said “you don’t have a light to cross”, she yelled again “Help me cross the street!”. I started thinking of Burundanga and all the “tricks” that con-artists use to mug people and suddenly another lady comes and asks her what she wants, she says again “Help me cross the street!” and this lady smiles and says sure, she grabs her and starts helping her cross. I was thinking “well there you go” and started turning away and pluggin in again, when the old lady turns around and looks at me and says “Fuck you!”. I looked at her in utter disbelief, smiled and said “God bless you”, while thinking “I’m so glad I didn’t help that witch!”. My bus came by just at that moment so I ran for it, but I couldn’t believe the nerve of this lady demanding help, never saying please, and then getting upset for not receiving what she was demanding from a total stranger.
It got me thinking though. Is being a good Samaritan helping anyone, with any tone of disrespect? Are old people, just because they are old, entitled to whatever they want whenever they want it, from whomever? I am glad I didn’t help her, I was late, I would have missed my bus, but mostly because she was RUDE and rudeness should not be encouraged no matter how old you are!


3 responses to “Good deeds

  1. Crazy old lady! I’m glad you didn’t help her, there are ways to ask for things…

  2. weird situation and one which I would have felt two ways about. The lady could have been old and near senial and or very confused and disoriented and through this feeling of helplessness enraged and thus her way of asking you for help. Granted the way it was asked was wrong, but you can never know how long that lady may have been there asking for help to cross the street. NYC is not a very friendly place and somewhere I for one will never live. In your defense though I probably would have taken it the same way you did till I had time to think about it. Here in South Carolina if the same scenario was played out I probably would have told the woman where she could stick it. But then southern hospitality here would lead me to believe I would never encounter an old lady like that. Someone would have stopped to help her out long before I got there.

  3. Yeah, I’m with you. Glad you didn’t help her. Nobody deserves to be talked to like that. I like your reaction: “God bless you.” That was perfect!!

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